OXUM is a jewellery and fine arts collective built on inspiration 

and fascination for ancient artisanism and the mysticism of nature.

Our mission is to inspire the spirited and curious to embrace their individuality 

through unique products with a strong story.



About the company


OXUM works with natural materials, precious metals and colourful gemstones. 

We offer selections both from local suppliers, imported pieces from Asia & America and original handmade designs. 

By combining carefully chosen natural gemstones with inspirations and techniques from ancient civilisations, the company inspires & encourage the bearer to embrace their individuality and feel empowered, unique and strong.

About the store

Sankt Peders Stræde 33 has for over 25 years evolved as a jewellery and fine arts store, which has passed through many hands of the same family. In 2019, Misha opened the doors to OXUM.

In 1994,  Misha’s father Thomas Keller co-founded CREOL and later in 2006 SHAMANIC Fine Arts & Jewellery. All through her childhood,  Misha and her brother Elias accompanied him on travels around the world in search of beauty and adventure, from the mysterious East to the exotic jungles of South America. 

On these trips, Misha’s distinctive style was born from inspiration for cultures, history and art,
which later brought her to found OXUM Fine Arts & Jewellery. 

Behind the brand

OXUM is founded by Misha Elizabeth Keller who grew up travelling the world in search of beauty and inspiration with her family ny her side.

‘Passionate about the mystical and ancient, I identify with dramatic colours, antique textures and powerful natural elements. I’m driven by my cultural curiosity and fascination for diversity.’

From her adventures her specific style emerged, which has brought her to create Oxum 

· an exotic and exclusive jewellery and fine arts collective with a sense of rebellion ·


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+ 45 28142871

oxumjewellery @ gmail.com

Sankt Peders Stræde 33, 1453 Copenhagen